Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Foray into photography

Since long i wanted to take photography as my hobby.Time didn't permit me to do so and also i had very old Kodak camera (brought it with my 1st salary) which is not automatic and i brought it for Rs.999.00 + 3 rolls.Every time i click i have to rewind it,i have lost many snaps by forgetting to rewind it.And i have to give the roll in the photo studio to develop and till i get the snaps i used to wonder how they have come.Now that headache has gone, i can see the snap i have taken immediately.
At last My hubby dear has gifted me a Nikon camera without a occasion.Ever since i got the camera,i kept it on the fridge so that i capture each and every moment of my kids activities and also my dishes which i am posting here.
A view from my balcony-- A Foggy Day

We were at the signal, i zoomed my camera and took this snap

My daughters

This is upcoming Burj Dubai (world tallest tower)
This i took from moving carI wanted to post few more, but my younger kid got up from her sleep and she is cranky,not allowing me to do.Will post some other time.


Maya said...

congrats on ur new hobby, the second snap with the giant wheel is a great composistion. u do have a talent i guess

Rakesh said...

I liked the one with your daughter's shadows, very sweet and intriguing :)

Varunavi said...

@Maya thanks.

Varunavi said...

@Rakesh thanks,even i like that snap

hitch writer said...

nice snaps.... and sorry for being late... for a change there is some work in the office.

I like the pic where you show off your daughters !!!


Varunavi said...

Better late then never dhiren.

I got inspired by ur sons snap and took my daughters shadows snap.

Let me know abt the egg biryani

Indian Home Maker said...

Love those shadows!!!!!!

I love taking pictures too, but blogging has put it in background completely :(

A very Happy Valentine's day to you :) You know how much this one means to all of us!!! iIt's about taboo breaking, liberty, gender equality ....and against moral policing.

Varunavi said...

@IHM thanks a lot.Never i felt the importance of valentine's day as i am feeling today

Pradeepkumar said...

Hi Varunavi, Thanks for your extreme comments.... More pics abt jaipur and kotayet to come on my blog.. please check it soon!!!! http://www.pradeepkumar.org