Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 truths about me

Dhiren tagged me to write 25th truths about me.I tried to include many,maybe i missed some.

My list goes like this:-

1. I am very emotional person.I can't see anyone crying.I will cry with them and will try out to sort out the things.My best friend mom expired,we didn't had telephone at that time.I came to know after 15 days.I went to her house.There i ended up crying where as my friend was not crying.Heights is that my mom came with me knowing that i will cry.

2.The dresses i wear are of light and dull colours.I have been asked many times why i wear old clothes to college and to office. If i like a dress,i will wear it again and again until its colour fades.I will never throw that dress nor give to anyone.My mom still has those dresses with her.

3.I failed once in my viva voice in my 2nd semester MBA.Only my mom knows about it.when my dad asked me show the marks sheet,i told him i lost it and applied for a new mark sheet.He expired after a week.Even my sisters don't know.My elder sister reads my blog now she will come to know.

4.I am very pooooor in maths,i just got the required marks in my tenth.My bad luck is that i am forced to study maths in my B.Com,i had a business mathematics paper.My younger sister who is 2 years younger to me used to teach me maths.She used to say i thank god that atleast you know additions and subtractions.

5.I am a good eater.Anyone seeing me will think that i am from a khata peta khandan.I tried many times to diet,but i never did for more than 2 days.Everyday morning i go down to drop my daughter at the bus stop and coming back i always promise that tomorrow i will take stairs to 6th floor,which i never did.

6.After everyone sleeps i play mobile games.I love playing games on my mobile.I spend much time on the net searching games.My hubby says he will search a job for me where i am required to be with mobiles.I record my hubby snore on my mobile and show him the next day and have a good laugh.

7.Sometimes i become blank.When i am blank i cant tell my name/my mobile no.I am very absentminded.

8.My bad habit is that when i met a person for the 1st time i see his/her feet.I am been trying to stop that but not able to do so.

9.I studied in CBSE school,where not much importance was given to English.Hindi was my 1st language .I am poor in English both writing and speaking.

10.I am always in a hurry to finish of the things.My mom always tells me to slow down.I read very fast/write very fast and end up in doing mistakes in the spellings.

11.When there is no solution for a problem i will stop thinking about that problem.

12.Once bunked college and went to see a movie with my friends without telling mom/dad.Felt very guilty the whole evening.Before going to sleep i told my mom that i went to see movie,she said keep quite don't tell anyone and next time inform me before going.

13.The 1st impression people get about me is i am sober.I take time to talk to people.Once i get to know them,i wont stop talking.Sometime i wonder from where i get topics to talk.

14.I don't know why many people share there secrets with me.Maybe i am good listener/i am trust worthy.

15.Many times i faced racial discrimination,but i never cried nor i tried to use fair n lovely.When i was in my 5th class my uncle said something about my skin colour,i didn't talk to him for one year.After a year my uncle came to me said sorry and gave me a hug.

16.Once i was selected for a group song in my 4th class,i used to practice a lot at home.But just before the annual day my music teacher removed me from the group.I still remember that.

17.I always drop things.All my mom ceramic sets i broke.When i had my first child,my mom used to call me frequently to tell me that i should be careful when i carry by baby. But i never dropped my kids.

18.I was and still a mediator between my sisters.They both used to fight a lot and come to me with their complaints.It was very tough job,as i am close to both my sisters.I never call my elder sister but she calls me very often.

19.My dad used to tell me if you don't talk for 5 min i will give you 5rs.I never got it, not because he didn't give,i was not able to stop myself talking for 5 min.My elder daughter has taken on me.

20.I easily get bored.But blogging i don't think i will get bored.

21. I love to dance but only in the house.I used to take part in group dance in the school.My latest fav dance is for the song papu can't dance sala...

22.I have a list of fractures.In school i fractured my hand,when i was working i fractured my ankle and recently 8 month back i again fractured my ankle.

23.Bad thing about me is that i believe everyone.I ended up in troubles by blindly believing.But i will never learnt from my mistakes.I still believe everyone.

24.I like to fix the things.I used to repair taps,lights etc in my house.Once i tried to repair a iron box i got electric shock and the iron box was spoiled.

25.Me and my hubby dear like to drink.My fav is budweiser.I cant have more than 1 can.

I have included everything,maybe i am missing but cant include it as the rule is 25 truths.I don't have 25 bloggers in my list.

My readers who has not done this tag please do it.


hitch writer said...

Sob Sob ! same pinch

I never failed !! yay yay

Maths Ditto

Khata Peeta Khandan - RoTFL... lol thats an optimistic way of looking at things...

I have once recorded my wife snoring and made her listen...

gee this is scaringly similar aint it !!!

you fetish ??

I watch palms, hands !!!!

5 rs ke liye chup reh ke kya faayda huh !!! lol... *grinning* lol

Varunavi said...

Thanks dhiren,some of my traits sounds familiar right??
I think birds of same feathers flock together

Ranu said...

I am definitely going to record hubby snore!!! He just never believes that he snores!!! now I can show him proof!!!

you know I am also blank most of the time!!! total blank!!!

khata peeta..... good for you man.... keep eating!!! Believe me its not something everyone can do!!! take me for instance I just cant eat!!! so many people have disorders like me !!! you are real lucky!!! and believe me it has nothing to do with how fat you are. I dont eat but I am fat!!!

had fun reading your post!!!

Rakesh said...

he he, khate peete khandan se. I love food too but luckily I don't put on.

Why feet? What if I'm wearing shoes? :)

You say you talk too much, then how can you be a good listener :P he he

Papu can't dance,,, we gotta see this one

Budweiser? Hmmm... But only one???

Varunavi said...

@Ranu Even my hubby didnt believe me until i showed him the recordings
I eat everything no problem at all,i am not over weight as well

@Rakesh dance only in the house.
with 1 can and soda my stomach is full.
1st i will listen and talk on that.

Solilo said...

Varunavi, I left a comment before but it doesn't show up here. So just testing.

Solilo said...

Now that my comment is posted let me try again.

This tag sure has shown a different side of many bloggers. So did your sisters ask you about MBA viva result after reading this tag?

Rs. 5 for keeping quiet? :)) So cute.

Varunavi said...

Thanks solilo
My sis asked my mom why u told her not to tell anyone.
yes 5rs,that was in 1980's.

Lonely Princess said...

Hey Varunavi,

Thanks for blog rolling me. I wonder why you've said you don't write well... As far as I can sense it, you write from the heart, and that's what matters!!

Was great coming here; shall be back soon!

Do visit mine, your comments are most welcome :)


Varunavi said...

@Lovely sunrise Thanks and welcome to my blog

Philip said...

i never knew all these things about you. Hmmm.... ;)

Varunavi said...

@philips hmmmm now i want to know u as well

Indian Home Maker said...

Hey I loved this HONEST tag!!!

And my mom recorded my dad snoring and we watched in total delight, then we all had a good laugh when he woke up :)
I am atrocious at Math too! I loved Biology... and hated Physics and Chemistry and Maths ...

I can imagine how upsetting it must have been to be removed from a group song at the last minute, I am always angry at how insensitive out teachers are, the whole purpose of these songs and cultural shows is to teach children to work as a team, have fun together, to gain confidence, but the teachers end up causing a lot of heartache!

You are very close to your mom? My kids are the same, they tell me if they do something wrong also :)

Varunavi said...

@IHM thanks.
I am very close to my mom, even anyone teases me i used to tell my mom,i dont hide anything with her.I want my kids to be like me and my mom.
Yes it is very upset that some teachers dont care about the student feelings.
i liked the idea of recording the snoring of my hubby,just i did and made him hear it this morning

Indian Home Maker said...

People only share secrets with those who are trust worthy and wise! I think it is a compliment.

Though some people share secrets with everybody too :)

Reading this tag really tells us so much about our friends... it's really sweet and fortunate that you could confide in your mom!!

And I am sure you are not bothered about the colour of your skin any more, though there's no doubt there is a prejudice in India! But who cares?

Varunavi said...

Thnx for the lovely comment IHM

Maya said...

i guess we have lot of things in common

I wont say i m terrified of maths but numbers, i cant remember number nor understand anything related to that. I dont dont have sense of number or time, i m so dumb that i have to calculate for 2 -3 minutes before i cud tell time looking at a watch. I cant remember date's i cant even tell how many years are passing by.

2. i used to be super skelton but recently i hv been gaining too much weight, may b because of excessive drinking.

3. i also become blank sometimes

4. i too look at feet, actually i read this book about palmistry and in it there were many things, in that only thing i remember was something related to feet.

5. I have got fractures more than you, the recent was when i fell from tree and broke both my ankles

a very honest post

Varunavi said...

Thanks maya.I thought it is me only how looks at legs, i got a company