Friday, February 27, 2009

More from my camera

This is in continuation with my previous post on my new hobby ie photography (here).This is one more advantage of blogging,i am loving it.

Giant Aquarium

Skyline view of sharjah

Mountains of oman Sunset

On my way to oman


Solilo said...

Those are some beautiful pictures Varunavi.

hitch writer said...

great to get a view of your world !

the sunrise pic is particularly my fav !

Varunavi said...

@Solilo thanks for the quick comment

Varunavi said...

Thanks dhiren getting inspiration from u

Rakesh said...

So you've been to the Dubai Mall already? Its just 15 mins from my house, yet I haven't been there... :(

Varunavi said...

I went to dubai mall long time back

Indian Home Maker said...

By the way,

Varunavi said...

@IHM thanks will do the tag soon