Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy birthday

Its my angel’s 5 th bday.Time just flies, cant recollect how she crossed all the milestones and reached to her 5th bday.She was very tiny when she was born, still she is thin but grown tall for her age.Never gave trouble to nanu and amma.Very responsible child and very protective towards her small sister.My world was around her until the younger child was born.She never felt that amma is giving attention to her small sister.
We both travelled to india for my 2nd delivery.Till we reached airport she thought nanu is coming with her.Once inside the airport she realized nanu is not coming with her.She asked me why nanu is not coming? I told her nanu didn’t get the parking at that airport, he went home to park the car.Nanu came to india after 3 months, she was thinking he got parking now at the airport so he is here in india.

Before my 2nd child was born, she used to sleep with me, after delivery when I came home, she calmly went and slept on other side of the bed.I was thinking how I should tell her now that sister will sleep next to me. She didn’t give me a chance to tell her. She herself went and slept on the other side of the bed. Sweet child.

After my delivery when I was coming back to dubai, everyone came to the airport, my mom was crying (this happens every time when I leave Hyderabad) my sisters were crying,my nephew was crying, I thought seeing all of them she will also cry, but no she didn’t cry (I thought maybe she is wondering why they are crying).Once inside the airport she was very quite, I asked her what happened, she started crying and shouting at me that I am taking her away from her grandmom(my mom) and her cousin(my nephew).She had that feeling in her heart but she didn’t showed till we were in the airport.She was crying so much, I called my mom and she spoke to her, then she became calm.Later I asked my mom what u told her, she said she is coming to dubai in the next flight as she didn’t get the ticket.Next day morning she called my mom and asked her when she is coming, she told her she is sick cant travel will come again.She didn’t spoke to my mom for many days.

Till the age of two years she used to fall sick very frequently, her temp used to go till 102 degrees.But never troubled me for taking medicine.Only problem with her is she doesn’t up on weight, very thin for her age.Likes to eat only egg and chicken, doesn’t like to eat rice,dal,veggies and fruits.The only fruit she likes is banana.

In school she is the most talkative student in her class (she took it from me).To strangers she doesn’t talk, but she observes everything.Without telling me she takes her toys and chocolates to school to give her friends.She shares what ever she eats.If I give anything only to her, she rans to her nanu and gives him.

Like all girls she likes Barbie.Every year I give her Barbie on her bday.She has now 5 barbies and I will stop the day she says i am grown up mama I don’t play with Barbie anymore.
She is my biggest critic. What ever I cook I will give her eat first , if she likes then my effort is rewarded.


Indian Home Maker said...

My birthday wishes to your wise little one :)
She sounds like an adorable little grandmother!
I hope you share many, many wonderful best friend moments together :)

philip9876 said...

You got a lovely kid. Hope everyone has a kid as understanding as yours ;)

Wishing the best for your angel for the years to come. Hope all of you have a great time on her birthday. Cheers.

varunavi said...

@IHM thanks for the wishes.
I call her granny.

@philips indeed she is lovely kid.Thanks for the wishes.My younger daughter is just opposite to her.She had a great time yesterday

Rakesh said...

Hey Happy Bird Day to your angel! Sounds like such a sweet girl. Actually, all kids are :)

The parking one was really funny, if only kids knew how we fool them... I'm all smiles

Btw, even my son doesn't put on much weight but everyone says not to worry as long as they're healthy. So don't bother too much. Maybe she's on her way to become a super model :)

varunavi said...

@rakesh thanks for the wishes.Yes indeed all kids are sweet.
We do fool them n number of times.

hitch writer said...

what happened to my comment ?? it didnt appear ?