Monday, January 05, 2009

Marathon run

After a long winter break big one is back to school.In school i never participated in any run may be to use that energy in my later part of my life (which I am using now for sure).I get up at 5.00 in the morning,prepare breakfast for the big one and for hubby.Rush the big one to the washroom and brush her and give her a bath(Ta Re Zamen Par).Then drop her at the bus stop and wait there till she waves bye and come back home,btw little one gets up,she is always cranky and wants my attention.She push the big ones and tells her to GO.I will have a big cup of tea to get ready for another lap.
Once back home, I clean the house and mop.Prepare bfast for my myself and the hubby and little one.Hubby leaves to office,till he goes cant do anything as he will constantly calls my name to give me his tie,socks,watch,mobile etc.Half of my energy goes like this .Once he is gone I will give little one bath and later have my bath.Now time to cook lunch.Maybe I take half an hour to think what to cook,whether the kids/hubby will eat what I make anyways i am good at cooking .Once finished cooking, has to go down to get the big one from the bus stop.Btw shouting on the little one,giving her something to munch,keeping an eye on her what she is doing in the other room..
Big one is a sweet child, she changes her clothes and washes her hands and legs by herself.Now comes the important lap in the marathon run,feeding the kids.I run behind them to feed and the run last for an hour.Then put them to sleep.Now time for me to do my fav hobby of browsing the net.Of late I have become a reader of many blogs which I enjoy and eager to see their new post.
Time just flews away, it’s the time for me to wake the kids and make the big one do the home work.My marathon run is not at over.It will continue till it is bye J


philip9876 said...

hehehe...that's a lovely explanation of your daily marathon. Its actually giving me creeps thinking of the time when i might have my kids ;)

varunavi said...

Thats is for sure u will also join marathon team

Prithi Shetty said...

:) I could totally imagine this in a fast-forward mode day :) Good one.

Indian Home Maker said...

Yes it is a Marathon no doubt!! The best times were when they were asleep!!!!

I used to tire them in the park every evening in the hope that they would go to bed in time :) All spare time was grabbed to read James Herriot's collections (took many years to finish the whole collection!) and in a useless effort to have a warm(not even hot) cup of tea. Only when the younger one was three and a half did I realise one day that I had actually started having hot tea again!

varunavi said...

@Preeti thanks for visiting, yes it is fast-forward everyday

@IHM idea sounds good, will try for my kids.I blog when they sleep in the afternoon,only those 2-3 hrs are mine

Maya said...

.In school i never participated in any run may be to use that energy in my later part of my life (which I am using now for sure).

thats very funny.

varunavi said...

Thanks maya