Sunday, January 11, 2009

Little one

Yesterday my little one spoke "A LA LOO" any guesses it is I LOVE U.She speaks only two letter from a word.
Milk -- MA
Toilet -- TA
Akka -- AA
Dosa --- DO
Bread --- BA
A/C --- AS
Rice --- RA
Chutney -- CHA
Car --- CAAA if she sees one car she says caaa and she sees many cars she says ca ca ca ca....

She likes sharuk and sings HO HO HO (haule haule)


Indian Home Maker said...

Your comment on my post on hot hot chapatties almost made me want to cry but also made me so angry. My daughter loves mango shake ...

You can bring some small changes, and bigger ones too, some with tact, some with firmness. Our babies should see us as strong mothers.

You get these adorable widgets which many mommy bloggers have on their blogs = they tell the readers the exact age of your baby :)
Take look


Please tell her IHM aunty also likes Shah Rukh Khan :) - Hugs, IHM

varunavi said...

Thanks for the ticker, i will be using it for the elder one bday(1st feb) and for the younger one as well
She gave u muddu(kiss in my lang)

hitch writer said...

nai nai nai

for nice !!

varunavi said...

thanks hw

roopscoop said...

awwww thats so cute. bless her. :)

varunavi said...

Thanks ant(for aunty) baby said so

Sahaja said...

awww.....i am smilinggg...say her a bigggg hi from akka [ahem ahem may b to become aunty :P ]

and tell her akka is trying to learn how to drive a ca ca ca ca ca :)

varunavi said...

@Sahaja baby is telling thns(for thank u) and all the best for ur driving