Thursday, March 05, 2009

The First Born Tag.....

IHM tagged me to do.

1) Was Your First Pregnancy Planned? YES

2) Were You Married At That Time ? Obviously

3) What Were Your Reactions? Atlast got to know the reason for the constipation.Had a good laugh and called up mom.

4) Was Abortion An Option For You? NO

5) How Old Were You? 26

6) How Did You Find Out You Were Pregnant ?The doctor did the test

7) Who Did You Tell First? Went to the doc with the hubby,it he who told me the test is positive,as he went to get the reports.

8) Due Date? Was 14th February,but delivered her on 1st February

9) Did You Have Morning Sickness? It was too much.It made me wonder why people say one should enjoy their pregnancy.Till the delivery i had morning sickness.

10) What Did You Crave? Cherries,carrots,salted pista and cashew, mom's fish and head curry and anything spicy.Survived on pista and cashew.

11) Who/What Irritated You The Most ? The smell we get when we fry chapati.Not been able to eat anything spicy.I have been told not to sit on the floor.In eighth month doc told me not to eat salt,so full month was eating food without salt.

12) What Was Your First Child's Sex? A girl.

13) Did You Wish You Had The Opposite Sex Of What You Were Getting? Yes.Hubby wanted a girl but some where in my mind i wanted a boy,infact i came to know about the sex of the child when i was 4 month's pregnant that was in muscat (oman).

14) How Many Pounds Did You Gain Throughout The Pregnancy? Not much 6-7kgs

15) Did You Have A Baby Shower? No

16) Was It A Surprise Or Did You Know? I haven't seen anyone in my family doing it,so i never had that thing in my mind.

17) Did You Have Any Complications During Your Pregnancy? Yes,in 8th month i got Blood Pressure and my delivery was induced before the due date

18) Where Did You Give Birth? Hyderabad

19) How Many Hours Were You In Labour? 17 hours.Morning at 9.00 doc induced and baby came out only next day early morning 2.10 am

20) Who Drove You To The Hospital/Birth Center? Walked into the hospital with hubby and m-law and got admitted in the hospital as it was induced delivery.

21) Who Watched You Give Birth? The gynae doc and her assistants with their sleepy eyes.

22) Was It Natural Or C-Section ? Natural.

23) Did You Take Medicine To Ease The Pain? No.But asked the doc if i can get that.

24) How Much Did Your Child Weigh? 2.5 kgs.

25) When Was Your Child Actually Born ? At 2.10 am.Everyone were in half sleep except me and my doctor.And the baby didnt cry at all and was thinking why i am not able to hear her cry.Then they pinched the baby to cry.

26)What Was Your Reaction When The Doctor Announced The Sex Of The Baby? I was aware of the sex of the baby,but the doctor didnt tell me unless i asked her.She said you have got a laxmi (It is very common when a girl child is born,people say laxmi is born,she will bring laxmi to you......).But for me she is my small sweet bundle of happiness.

27) What Was Your First Reaction On Seeing The Baby?When i took her for the first time all the pain i have gone through 9 months just disappeared.I was very happy to see her and her small dimple on her left cheek. And also i welcomed her to this bad world.She was so happy in womb for nine months listening only to mama.

28) Did You Cry? My eyes were moist

29) What Did You Name Her? It was coincidence, her name is goddess laxmi

30) How Old Is Your First Born Today? She completed 5 on feb 1st.

Actually i wanted to add another incident but there is no option where in i can include it, that is hubby dear was laughing when he saw me in the gown walking in the delivery room.I called him to ask the doc to opt for a operation.Doc came and said this is the problem with the educated females.

Honestly i have not done anything except watching hindi songs on MTV,i was working then.But when i left my job and went to hyderabad my mom used to drag me to take a walk in the evening,i was too lazy to go out.I was missing my hubby as he was in oman.Maybe that is the reason my kid is very attatched to her father then me.


Indian Home Maker said...

Loved reading this!! Thank You Varunavi :)

17 hours of labour was horrible!

Abha who tagged me wrote about traditional ceremonies where she was pampered and wore saris, those are Indian Baby showers no doubt. I didn't have that either!

Morning sickness is so bad ..

But your daughter also has dimples, one dimple on her left cheek? ... Awww they girls with dimples are pampered brats :)

And I also got this feeling that this helpless little baby has been brought into this bad, bad world ... :(
Then we have to be very brave for them!

I am glad you added that incident, we also wanted my husband to be there, but the doctors in India don't like it! These doctors need some lessons ...
And Laxmi is a sweet name :) Loved reading this tag Varunavi!

Anonymous said...

ah...that's a nice tag. Some day, will ask my wife to do it too ;)

Varunavi said...

Thanks IHM.Yes indeed she is pampered brat.Very often she asks me whether she is getting dimple or not.
In west husbands are allowed in the delivery room so that they know the pain wife goes through the labor.
My daughter name is not laxmi,it is another name of laxmi.

Varunavi said...

@Liju thanx

hitch writer said...

to read this ...

lol @ question two .!!! obviously !!!

Varunavi said...

@Thnx dhiren

TheKeyBunch said...

wow. that was quite a detailed lowdown on the pregnancy! 17 hours of labour - good heavens!

Well, all is well that ends well. Congrats:)

I have a baby girl too - not really a baby anymore, she will turn 3 this month! Girls are special, and great fun!!
- Sharon

Varunavi said...

Welcome thekeybunch and thanks.

Solilo said...

Loved reading it. So you went back to Hyderabad for delivery?

Your daughter turned 5 last month. Happy belated Birthday to Varunavi.

Varunavi said...

Thanx solilo for the wishes
Yes i went to hyd for both my delivery,i wanted to be with my mom after the delivery.U got the meaning of varunavi??

Rohini said...

Thats a cute post! And I was born on Feb 1 too, and the pampered one too... :)

Varunavi said...

thanx rohini, indeed my baby is pampered

Pooja said...

Lovely tag varunavi...we are of same age varunavi...I had 16 hours of labour....I remembered my pregnancy by reading your post..

Varunavi said...

Really it was tough 16hr of labour.pooja do this tag and i want to know more.....